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Carlton is among the parts of Ottawa where we can provide roofing services. When people hire us, they can be sure to have the best team of workers at their disposal, as well as a great communication between them and us so that the roofing service can be perfectly performed.

Carlton for a peaceful living in rural Ottawa

Actually, it’s renowned as the rural part of the Ottawa conglomeration and attracts those who work in the city center but who appreciate the charms of the countryside. The town isn’t as crowded as large parts of Ottawa, and population density in Carlton is merely 30 people per square kilometer.

We might see a rise of newcomers to this part of Ottawa during the next years because there’s still plenty of space where people can build homes. In case you’re one of these newcomers, you’ll need to hire one of the best roofers in Ottawa.

Carleton Roofing

Before being a part of Ottawa, Carlton was a city on its own, from 1974 to 2001 or the year of an amalgamation during which up to 11 communities were merged into a unique large city now inhabited by nearly a million people. Prior being Carlton, it was divided into three townships, known as Torbolton, Fitzroy, and Huntley.