Ottawa Roofing is a roofing company that places a high value on providing quality services. When a corporation does a good job, it helps to build an equal reputation, and Resolution Roofing (Ottawa Roofing) is aware. The company that always does a great job, and manage to leave as many satisfied customers as possible, will be the winner

We offer services to several parts of Ottawa, including Rockland, Nepean, Gloucester and West Carleton. In each of these locations, we make it a point of honor to offer the highest quality services, and you can contact us for an intervention at your place.


Ottawa is the fourth most populous city in Canada, with a population close to one million in 2015. The city is known for the quality of life of its occupants and combines both one of the highest hiring rates in the country and an excellent average salary level. We are proud to serve the people from the Ottawa region



Located on the east part of Ottawa, Ontario, Rockland is a community distinguished by being one of the several bilingual ones in the neighborhood. Comprising of just 3,500 people in the 1970s, this number has tripled and continues to increase, as newcomers in this community constantly build new homes. Our Rockland roofing service will continue to contribute to this growth. Resolution roofing in Rockland is a proud member of this community



Formerly an independent city, Nepean has become an integral part of Ottawa since its annexation in 2001. This name is still used to refer to this part of the city, although it is officially no longer the name under which it should be spoken. With a population of nearly 180,000, Nepean is known as the technology center of Ottawa and Resolution Roofing is proud to participate in the general development of this region



Gloucester is one of the several communities that ended up being agglomerated with the new city of Ottawa during the amalgamation of 2001. Unlike various parts of the new Ottawa, its population didn’t face a large growth, as it counted 110 000 people in 2001 for 114 000 inhabitants in 2006, which is only a 4000 newcomers growth. One of our roofer has lived in Gloucester for quite some time now and is very proud of this region


West Carleton

You can count West Carleton among the various communities which have gone through a combination process, and which ended up becoming into one and only large city: Ottawa. West Carleton interests those who are attracted by the country, and is indeed a calm and peaceful place where several people choose to live. Many of our customers from West Carleton look for stylish roofings and we are always pleased to offer that.