What you need to know about roof snow removal

When the winter comes, snow tends to gather all over the place, even on our roofs. To ensure the durability of your roof, it is advised to get rid as soon as possible of the accumulating snow on top of it, to prevent it from being damaged.

Roof snow dangers: why must we remove it

The snow that accumulates on a roof can become dangerous for its inhabitants. One of the risks that they incur is that the roof yields to the weight of the snow. It's even more dangerous if it happens at a time when the house is occupied by its residents at the time because they might be stuck under the snow. Even if there is nobody, there is a lot of material damage that can be done.

Apart from the dangers that the occupants face, there are also those that threaten the outside of the house. On sloping roofs, growing snow is more likely to fall to the side than flat roofs. If this happens, the elements of your roof like the gutter can be damaged, but also the gardens, and people present at that time around your home can be seriously injured.

How to properly clear snow from the roof

It is advised to use a pole that is long enough, and if possible, one that is made with plastic; Metal poles should be avoided. Ensure a safe perimeter around your roof to prevent people from walking around, because a significant amount of snow falling upon them could cause severe injuries. If you have pets, keep them in the house while proceeding, so they won’t be injured as well.

As you remove snow from your roof to the ground, it must also be dislodged from the ground. If you wait too long before doing it, the snow will become thicker and stronger due to cold, and you would have a hard time clearing it. Also, avoid removing all snow from your roof, and leave a thin layer of 4 to 6 inches, which will contribute to protecting the different layers of your roof.

Removing snow problems: prioritize safety

If it is necessary to remove excess snow from your roof, do not do so without taking proper precautions. You must prioritize your safety when removing snow from your roof. Among other things, rather than directly climbing on your roof, prefer climbing on a ladder instead, and place it at a reasonable distance from your roof. Help yourself with a long pole to dislodge the snow.

You can use a large snow pile to make your ladder more stable, because not only will it prevent the base of your ladder from moving too much, but it will also help to limit injuries in the event of a fall. You can use the snow removed from your roof to do this, and the more you will remove your roof from the snow, the more stable your ladder will be.

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