Roof Repair Ottawa : How to properly repair a roof

Our houses roof sometimes requires being repaired. A roof is made of several components, and if your house faces insulation-related problems or raindrop leaks, you might have to proceed in different ways. I mostly depend on the parts of your roof that need to be repaired.

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Commercial flat roof

Hiring a roofing expert Ottawa to inspect your roof

Before repairing your roof, you need to know which parts of it has to be repaired and to do so, you have to inspect your roof. You’re strongly advised to hire a professional to perform the checking of your roof, to make sure it’s done efficiently.

A roofing inspection includes an examination of the aspects of your roof, either from the inside or the outside of your house. It will then be identified if there are cracks or leaks on your roofing, so the professional can tell what actions have to be taken.

A roof inspector has to check the state in which every element of your roofing are, and it includes every shingles, chimneys, valleys and vent. When he’s done checking, he will state every replacement and repair that you have to perform on your roof to make it safer.

Repair the first layer of your roof

Damages such as leaks occur on the first layer of your roof. They sometimes happen due to loose nails; they tend to become loose over the time because they’re exposed to sunlight and weather variation. When they’re not knocked in properly on their first installation, the loosing process is faster. In the same time, the shingles become loose as well, so you have either to replace them if they're also damaged totally or just to tighten them.

You might face these three cases: a curled shingle, a damaged shingle or an absent shingle. When the shingle is curled, you can uncurl it using heat, for example with an electric iron. Depending on the material utilized for the shingle, heat might be inefficient, and you might have to replace the shingle. Using roofing asphalt cement helps to insure a proper positioning of the shingle, as well as repairing the present leaks.

Using a felt layer helps to have a more efficient insulation and resistance to raindrops. You use these layers only on the part of your roof where it is required. It also helps to cover every existing leak on a specified area.

Calling roof repair experts in Ottawa

You often have to choose between contacting a specialist and relying on your own abilities to perform various tasks. You have to weight things down carefully, depending on the importance of the task to be performed. When it comes to your roofing, it has to be done properly, and if not so, it could lead to troubles such as a leaky roof or inefficient insulation. It is why this task should be given to a roofing company, to make sure it is done the right way right away.