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The maintenance of the roof is an important task that must be done periodically, at least twice a year. If certain operations are to be performed by a professional, there are several things that you can do by yourself to maintain your roof integrity.

Get rid of the various debris

Over time, debris such as leaves or branches from trees, accumulate on your roof. If you do not take the time to get rid of it, not only do they cause visual discomfort that can impair the aesthetic of your roof in general, but also, they can be the cause of various dangers. For example, water may no longer be able to circulate frequently and may accumulate in specific places, such as behind chimneys.

If this happens, parts of your roof can wear out prematurely, and the chances of cracks appearing, and that can lead to leaks from your roof, are higher. Removing debris from your roof is a simple task; all you have to do is climbing there and removing them manually from time to time. Don’t forget to use gloves for better safety of your hands, and if the slope of the roof is too important, you can climb a ladder and use a long pole, and for even better results, contact a professional roofing company to do it for you.

Make a general inspection

Maintain your roof ; Ottawa and nearby regions

Maintenance of the various elements of your roof (chimney, gutter)

Your roof has various elements that are essential to it, and it is necessary to keep these elements in check. For example, you can quickly proceed to a sweeping four your chimney, which prevents the soot from building up; when the amount of soot in your chimney is too important, it can interfere with its normal functioning.

The gutter is a crucial element because it is used for the gathering and managing rainwater. These will flow along your roof to the gutter and can be gathered for later use, such as watering flowers of your garden if you have one. Apart from that, debris can build up on it and cause a clogging, and they can even become heavy enough to make your gutter break off, and cracks can appear and get larger if not paid attention to.

Roof maintenance: make a general inspection

Most of the components of your roof are exposed to various kinds of damages and problems. The concern is that the more a problem related to your roof remains unnoticed, the more its gravity may increase. For example, a few millimeters large crack located on of your roof lower layer can grow much more important if it’s not detected and fixed in time, due to elements such as wind and rain that might contribute to enlarging it.

It is not difficult to do an inspection of your roof, you just have to check if the different layers of your roof are in good conditions. We will look if there are tiles that come off or that are damaged, or if your sewer works well. If you ever find any benign defect, you can quickly take care of it by yourself. On the other hand, if it's something beyond your abilities, you do not have to hesitate and call a professional for assistance.

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