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Leaks sometimes appear on our roofs after a few years of its initial installation. This problem can have several causes, such as the accumulation of water in some places, or an initial installation of poor quality. It is possible to efficiently repair a leak on a roof, provided that it is done properly.

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Why is my roof leaking?

The most common occurrence of roof leaks causes, particularly in the case of metal roofs, is the subsidence of some areas on the roof. When clumps of debris on specific areas remain there too long, they can cause deformation of the roof, often through the application of a constant humidity, which usually leads to the appearance of cracks. The debris usually consists of branches, dead leaves and humus.

On roofs made of tiles, the recurring problem is a failure of one or more of the tiles that compose them. A tile can be damaged or missing, and when it does, the lower layer of the roof is made more vulnerable to weather and other kinds of aggression. Over time, the water manages to make its way through this layer of our roof and can drip from the ceiling, generating unaesthetic dark spots.

How to fix a leaking roof

The easiest way to repair cracks on your roof is clearing away the several clumps of debris. Not only does this avoid cracks in the future, but it also removes the space so that existing cracks can be more easily repaired.

Depending on the nature of the break, you can either clog the part concerned, by using cement and similar materials or replace the roof panel. In the case of tiles, they can be easily replaced if they are missing or damaged, and some types of tiles can even be repaired.

How to identify the source of the leak

A complete inspection of your roof is an efficient way to identify the exact cause of the leaks. The most obvious will be the clusters of materials that will have piled up on various areas. Where there is an accumulation of debris, chances are there may be a leakage start.

Besides the clumps of materials, it is also necessary to be concerned about the various elements present on your roof like chimneys. A lack of joints on the masonry of these elements can explain why the water could have slipped from your roof to your ceiling. The leak-tightness of your roof must be assessed, both from the roof and from the interior ceiling.

The advantage of having an insurance

Insurance reimburses roofing leaks, depending on whether they meet the characteristics required to benefit a financial assistance. Rather than repairing the cracks on your roof yourself, it is more advantageous to contact a professional to take care of it. Moreover, not only the quality of the final result is ensured but also, the costs are optimized, thanks to the insurance which manages to partly handle the costs incurred in this operation.

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