Proceeding to your roofing installation

A proper roofing installation is essential for its durability, and its efficiency to protect the house owners from climatic events such as rain or snow. A roof has to be efficient a protecting the home’s inside, but it also has to have a good aesthetic. Several steps are to be followed to perform a roofing installation in due form.


Reparation and Maintenance in Ottawa

Roofing Ottawa: prepare the work area before performing the installation

To install a new roof, we have to get rid of the old one first. To do so, we must ensure the areas around the house are cleared and that no one is walking around because a shingle could fall on them and hurt them. Putting large tarps around the house makes it easier to take off the initial roof and to dispose of the junk right after.

Once it is done, we can take off the upper layer of the roof. It is the opportunity to inspect the decking of the roof, and replace the damaged parts. The amount of damaged roofing decking depends on several parameters, such as the quality of the material used for the decking, the local weather and also on how old is the roofing.

An important amount of now useless nails covers your roof decking. You have to take them off to smooth your roof decking. This makes it easier to install new roofing elements. Depending on the case, it’s sometimes simpler to knock the nails in that to get rid of them.

How do the best roofers in Ottawa install the upper layer of the roof

The top layer of the roof is its aesthetic part. The choice of shingles design and color will give your house the look you want. Shingles are the elements of your roof that overlap each other to give a particular look. You must make sure to choose shingles that fit the most with your tastes and your house's general look.

Replacing the ridge vent might be a necessity; it is a vent located on the roof, which allows a proper circulation of the air in the house’s attic. Because we have to remove the shingles around the initial ridge vent, it’s advised to do it before the final installation of your roof’s shingles.

A roof felt layer makes the roof more efficient in fighting against the side effects of a long-term exposition to rain and sunlight. If it is directly exposed to climatic events, you might have to replace once every two or three years. Otherwise, you can wait longer before doing so. To install them, we cut them in several large portions that we carefully fit them on each part of the roof.

Install the first layer of the new roofing

A roof is made of numerous layers, and the first layer’s purpose is to keep your roof as safe as possible. It protects various elements of your roof, such as the chimneys, and prevents its early deterioration.

Depending on the region where the house is located, the installation of ice shield might be required. It helps to avoid an excessive accumulation of ice on your rooftop when weather comes. We have to install these on areas such as chimneys, valleys or skylights.

A cricket is an element that takes place on roofing areas where its mission will be to divert water from stagnating on specific regions, such as the backside of chimneys. Stagnating water can damage your roofing over the time. We can also install crickets on ice shield, to make these more efficient in chasing the snow from the roof.

Why choosing expert roofers for your roofing

You can easily find tons of tutorials on the internet that teach you how to install your roofing correctly. But you can never be sure of the quality of your work, especially when it’s the first time you have to perform such an important task.

Doing the roofing of your house by yourself might seem to be a good idea at first, because when you do so, you don’t have to pay a professional company to do it for you. All you have to do is buy the needed materials, and perform the installation yourself.

But you are missing something out: if it is the first time you perform such task, you have no insurance that it’s done the right way, and you might end up with a defective rooftop without realizing it. Since you’re not a professional, you roofing can present damages due to a nonproper installation.

Hiring a professional roofing company is to favor efficiency and security. If a professional handles the roofing of your house, you don’t have to worry about if it’s defective, and even if it is, you can always rely on after sales services, so they can come to your house and fix what’s needed to be fixed.

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