How to proceed to roof inspecting 

The condition of a house’s roof must always be optimal to ensure comfort but also the safety of its occupants. Due to this, it is necessary to call on a professional to inspect your roof on a periodic basis, to ensure it is done properly. Resolution Roofing is the best roofing contraction in the Ottawa region

Why is roof inspecting important

Our roof has several components, including its different layers as well as elements such as chimneys or gutters. Each component plays a specific role in the proper functioning of the roof, which must protect the house and its occupants from different natural events such as rain, wind or heat. As soon as one of these elements isn’t functioning, the integrity of the whole roof is at stake.

For example, when a tile is damaged or detached, it makes the lower layer of our roof more vulnerable. It can crack gradually, and it often starts with a small crack that becomes wider and wider over time. It is possible to avoid such problems by inspecting your roof at least twice a year. For an efficient result, it is advised to hire a professional roof inspector to handle it.

Inspecting a roof depending on its type

Depending on the type of roofs, certain areas and elements are to be inspected firstly. Indeed, the different types of roofs are not subject to the same problems, and a greater frequency of specific defects and troubles is more observed among a few types of roofs than in others.

Because of the absence of slope, water is more likely to stagnate on flat roofs, which are more subject to cracks and holes occurrences in areas where water is accumulating. When this happens, it is necessary to check the rainwater irrigation systems and to take care of the areas where water has started gathering.

Sloped roofs do not have the same problem, and are rather characterized by concerns about the tiles and the materials used to build the roofs themselves. Tiles can be damaged, bent or the materials that compose your roof can even deteriorate. Decisions must be left to the professional, and he will choose whether to repair the existing items or replace them.

How must a roof inspector proceed

One of the requirements of any roof inspection is the checklist. You must make a list of the zones and elements to be inspected, and classify them according to their priority, without leaving any of them. The checklist plays a big role in the success of the inspection, and if it is exhaustive enough and strictly followed, it can contribute to add several years to your roof’s life expectancy.

The inspection of your roof must be done by steps, including the inspection of the various elements of your roof to find minor damages. The actions to be taken depend on the extent of the damage. A dislodgement of the possible debris also might be required.

Once it is, you can check the general condition of the various visible elements of your roof to see if replacements or repairs are necessary. An inspection of the non-lower layer of your roof must also be carried out.

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