Roof estimate: How much is a new roof

When you’re building a house, you have to build a solid roof that can handle climatic events, such as torrential rains or cold winters. A good roof is a relatively substantial investment, and it’s necessary to accurately assess the various costs that will be incurred, to be cost effective.

Roof construction price estimation

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Roofing in Ottawa

Depending on where your house is located, the service of replacement of your roof can be more or less expensive. Among the factors that come into play, there are the various ongoing standards concerning buildings for your specific location. Costs for building permits can also greatly vary from one place to another.

The materials used for your roof

The materials that are used play an important role in the final costs. The most important are not their price but more the installation process. For example, a metal roof costs between $ 5.00 and $ 18.00 per square foot, and consists of several shingles that are easily installed, so the related installation costs won’t be too high.

It is entirely different for tiles; as each tile requires to be manually deposited, the total cost can reach up to $ 40.00 per square foot with installation. Prices are even higher when it comes to a roof with a steep slope.

The dimensions of your roof are important

Logically, the wider your roof, the more expensive it will be to install it because the work area is much more important, and so is the amount of material and time that will be spent on the installation of your roofing. You have a broad range of choices when it comes to the material used for your roof. Some of them are less expensive than the others, but as a counterpart, they won’t last as long as these. Although, your roof can last 30 years at least when it’s well installed.

The slope and height of your roof

These particular characteristics of your roof impact the cost, as the maneuvers are more difficult and risky when the roof is both high in height and with a large slope. When the slope of a roof exceeds the ratio of 7:12 (height: width), it becomes necessary to use additional equipment to ensure the safety of the technicians who will be responsible for installing the new roof. His overall work is slowed down greatly.

Roof estimates: Hire a Roof Specialist

The choice of your roofing specialist must be based on information you gather about them. The service they offer and their prices; as a matter of fact, you should not rush to a roof installer who offers very low prices, because it is possible that they perform the activity illegally. You should also worry about things like returns they have received from their previous customers.