Choosing a Metal Roof for your house

Metal is one of the elements often used for making houses roofs. This element has many characteristics that make it worthy of interest. Under certain conditions, a metal roof is better suited to some houses than others.

The different benefits of metal roofing

Unlike many other types of materials, metal is relatively lightweight, and a metal roof can have an overall weight that is 6 to 18 times lighter than a tiled roof. This capacity can be advantageous for the installation of your roof, which can be done faster than with the other types. Rather than having to install hundreds of tiles one by one, you have only a few ten inches shingles to set up. By doing so, you can complete the laying of your roof in one or two days.

The thermal capacities of the metal make it an attractive material for the manufacture of your roof. Indeed, it is possible to store part of the heat of the sun to use it for the heating system. Leaving a space between the metal roofing layer and the bottom layer of your ceiling is one way to proceed.

The longevity of your roof is important when it is made of metal. For example, roofing companies report a lifetime of more than 50 years. You will just have to renew the paint once every 20 or 30 years.

Picking the right metal roofing

If you live in an area where it is quite cold, metal roofing made out of aluminum, steel, copper or zinc is perfect for you. The accumulation of snow on these types of roofs is quite low and virtually non-existent when the slope is quite high. The surface is smooth enough not to allow snow or debris to accumulate, and the risk of sagging and cracking due to debris is minimal.

Also, it must be known that the metal expands when exposed to great heat such as noon sunlight, and contracts as soon as it is less warm. In countries with high temperatures in general, the expansion of metal roofs can be quite large, and over time there are undulations on these roofs. This effect is much less the case in cold geographic areas such as Ottawa, where the temperature never exceeds an excessive threshold.

Installation and maintenance of a metal roof

Precautions must be taken with a metal roof. If it does not have tiles that can potentially come off or get damaged, it is more prone to collapse. If a tree falls on your roof or a bulky and cumbersome object, the chances are that your roof will distort.

Replacing the shingles of a metal roof is not always simple, as it can be difficult to find the model of shingles that corresponds to what is used for your roof. Among other things, the initial installation of a metal roof is quite expensive, and so is its replacement.

To avoid problems, make sure that there are no surrounding trees that could fall on the roof of your house. If some branches pose risks, it’s advised to cut them. Also, the initial installation of your roof must take place without the workers causing some subsidence on your metal roofing.

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