Resolution Roofing: who are we?

The Resolution Roofing Company has been on the roof installation and repair market for years, and we’ve taken advantage of all this time to refine our mastery of these fields. Over time, we have been able to take note of our interactions with our customers, and we are now able to provide both high-quality work and high-quality service.

The roofing of a house is an important part of it, and the tasks associated with it, such as installation, inspection, maintenance or repairs, are to be carried out correctly. To get the best result, the task must be entrusted by a professional company and this is where Resolution Roofing comes in.


Experts in roofing with years of experience

When you entrust the installation or repair of your roof to us, we organize ourselves so as to obtain the best result possible. First, we identify your exact needs, by doing a study of your case. We then propose you the best compromise between what you want for your roof, what is technically feasible and what is best for your specific case.

Our team is among those who guarantee the quality of the final work. The different people who work for us have a common passion for what they do. This passion is an important criterion we are looking for during our hires because someone is always more efficient and meticulous in a task when he likes what he does. Not only are the members of our team passionate, but also, they are hard workers who will manage to get your stuff done. The people who will do your roofing work are perfectionists who will always finish the work on time while ensuring a high quality of the final result.

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Among the best roofers in Ottawa

We are aware that the quality of work is not everything there is that matters and that good relationship with customers are also a criterion of a highly qualified company. We are always happy to answer your questions about our services that are of interest to you, and we provide you with assistance that is as complete as possible with your project of installation or repair of roof.

Administrative procedures can be complicated when it comes to construction work, so individuals do not always have a real mastery of these methods. We assure you always to make our processes and invoices as transparent as possible, whether it is purchases of used materials or various insurance.

We value communication a lot, so we’ll always be there to answer your questions that are related to your project. We’ll be there to guide you and to inform you from the moment you chose to contact us until the moment the last tile of your roof is installed, and even beyond if ever needed.